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to help us put The Constitution Booklet in the students’ hands on Constitution Day, September 17th.

Enter now for the 3rd Annual Rotary Club of Naples Bay Foundation 

Gene Montenieri
Constitution For The People
Golf Ball Drop.  
$25 per entry.

Only 1,000 Golf Balls Sold!

Cash prizes worth $3,000

First prize $1,000

Golf balls will be dropped on December 7th at 11:00 AM at Veterans Community Park in Naples.
You Don’t have to be present to win! 

Golf Ball Sales GOAL
1,000 Entries



Donate any amount to help us accomplish our mission.


At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government the delegates had created.  He answered, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

For over 200 years, brave men and women have fought to “keep our Republic” and our freedoms.  You can help, also.  Be a part of something BIG!  Help us ignite an interest in our U. S. Constitution among the youth of America… they are our  future.

Why not take this opportunity to honor an active military member or veteran, by donating a personal copy of the  U. S. Constitution to an entire classroom of students for only $25?  

  Will you donate a box for $25 today? Help us ensure that each student receives their very own copy of the Constitution.  


Golf Ball Drop

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If you prefer to enter and pay by mail, here is more information and a printable entry form


Maria Eugenia Blanco is a proud citizen.

She is our first new United States Citizen to support Constitution For the People’s Flag Day Donation Drive 

Phillip R. Wood, was presented The Constitution For The People Sponsorship Award by Joseph Cofield

Haris M. Domond, President of the
Rotary Club of Naples Bay a major sponsor of Constitution For The People and the Golf Ball Drop!

Cory Small, Independent Owner , State Farm Florida and Rotarian Joseph Cofield

Estero Fire Department

1st Annual Rotary Club of Naples Bay, Gene Montenieri, Constitution For The People, Constitution Golf Ball Drop

Phillip R. Wood, President John R. Wood Properties,
Dee Dee Fuller, President Rotary Club, Joseph Cofield, President Constitution For The People

Thank you to the Rotary Club of St. Petersburg, Club No. 4286, District 6950, for their community service of money, time, and leadership to benefit the youth of Pinellas County. Constitution For The People is honored for their support to the Constitution Project.

Estero Chamber of Commerce donates $500 to Constitution For The People

Joseph proud to be visiting  the
Rotary Club of Merritt Island

Davida Fiore and Marilyn Van Pelt
DAR members, delivered booklets and gave a presentation on the U. S. Constitution to 5th grade students at Norcrest Elementary, Pompano, Florida 

Joseph with the Aktion Kiwanis Club in Labelle, Florida

 Lew Naylor, Service Projects Chair
The Rotary Club of Oakland Park Wilton Manors, led by Lew Naylor, was instrumental in supporting four Broward County  schools with 7,340 Constitution Booklets for 5th grade students.

President Jeanette Igoe, Northside Naples Kiwanis, 2017-2018 presents Joseph with $750 in 2018

Dr. Robert Safransky and the St. Petersburg Rotary Club donated over 7,000 booklets to Pinellas  County Public Schools’ 5th grade students.

Northside Naples Kiwanis Club District Governor Flag 1st Lady Chirstine LeBlanc (2018-2019)

Joseph, Kaitlyn Salyer, and Shirley Hoerle, Regent Big Cypress Chapter NSDAR after Joseph's first presentation at a DAR meeting. This lead to the Big Cypress contributing annually to the Constitution Project in 2018

Dr. Jim Carter, President of the Collier County Republican Men’s Club, a man of true integrity. 

He was awarded Constitution For The People, Inc.’s  first Certificate of Acknowledgement. 

See the organizations that have generously supported
our mission from 2014 - 2019

Click on the image

Click on the image

Auxillary Unit 336 American Legion

Big Cypress Chapter NSDAR 30282 FL

Network for Good

Publix Markets


We are still adding pictures.  Check back soon.

We need help to insure that each student receives a personal copy of the Constitution Booklet by September 17th, the beginning of Constitution Week. This 48 page booklet contains both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, a “Walk Through the Constitution” overview activity, and more.  Every dollar will supply a booklet to a student. Please donate today.  

The Constitution Booklet

 Donations made to Constitution For The People, a 501(c)3 organization, may be tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Due to the situation impacting our nation, Constitution For The People, Inc. will be offering our 3rd Edition United States Constitution Booklet

to all individuals, schools and organizations for the price of $1 through July 15th.  
Each $1 donated per booklet covers all costs.

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The Constitution Booklets being in the hands of the students is making a difference in students’ scores on the state civics exams.  
(Click on image to enlarge)

LaBelle Kiwanis Comes Through Again for Students!

7,291 5th graders in Lee County School District are receiving their booklets for Constitution Week.

Students such as these are receiving our Constitution Booklets to help them learn about their country.

Joseph Cofield speaking at Flagler Elementary

5th Grade Students at Three Oaks Elementary 

2018 DAR members Davida Fiore and Marilyn Van Pelt engaged the students in conversation about the Amendments to the United States Constitution.

2nd Edition Constitution Booklet

2nd Edition Constitution Booklet

1st Annual Rotary Club of Naples Bay, Gene Montenieri, Constitution For The People, Constitution Golf Ball Drop

Our Joseph speaking about the Constitution

Key Club High School Students

Click on the USA map to see which states are using
The Constitution Booklet.

Click on the Florida map to see the growth in numbers of Florida’s  fifth graders receiving
The Constitution Booklet.

In 1971 the 26th Amendment gave 18 year olds the right to vote!

“Great leaders never accept the world as it was and always work for the world as it should be.”
Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Former Navy SEAL, Chris  Bent graduated from Yale in 1962.  He graduated from BUDS Class 31E (Basic Underwater Demolition Seal) and later was assigned to command the recovery units for Gemini 6 & 7 and the very first fully operational Apollo Spacecraft  AS-201. Chris became the first man to touch an Apollo Spacecraft returning from space.  

Joseph Cofield continues to vote in every election since turning 18 years old.  On 10/20/20, he cast his early vote for the November 3rd General Election in Naples, Florida.

Joseph enjoyed his new role as
EViD Specialist at this year’s general election.  

Help Us Preserve Our Freedoms One Student At A Time


             To create a more informed citizenry by providing the youth of the United States of America with their own
personal copy of the United States Constitution to use at school then take home to share.

Our last year’s winners

Grand Prize $1,000 - Montfort Martelus

2nd Place $200 - P. Rizo, A. White, S & E, T. Harris, J. Caruthers

3rd Place $100 - S. Zellers, R. Safransky, J. Jeselnick, S. Simmons, M. Rimes, S. Ramon, L. Petrarca, J. Hashek & GAP, R. Safransky

Help us provide a beautiful gift to the school  superintendent of each county as a reminder of the importance of teaching the United States Constitution to our youth.  We take care of shipping your donation. 


Our Wonderful Supporters (see our Red, White, and Blue Advertising Sponsors below)

We would like to express our appreciation to the many individual donors and organizations that have helped us get 

our Constitution Booklet into the hands of our students. 


       ABOUT US


Constitution For The People, Inc had its humble beginnings with Joseph Cofield’s
           “Journey Across Florida” in April of 2015 to gather support for his mission.

See What We Have Been Doing To Complete Our Mission

Check Our Progress from 2016 - 2020

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Dr. Condoleezza Rice
Former Secretary of State 2005 - 2009 

Chris Bent, signs a Constitution canvas. His picture above was the inspiration for the canvas. See the canvas in our store.

A fantastic video of the Golf Ball Drop and the Salute to the Veterans Celebration.  Enjoy!

Navy Seal Chris Bent Delivering the September 17, 2016 Memorial Address 

On August 6, 2011 a CH-47D Chinook was shot down by a Taliban RPG. All 38 Occupants were killed, including 15 men from Gold Squadron Seal team 6. There are indications of intelligence failure.

A rare Israeli individual, Eyal Shapira, built a Memorial to the men of Extortion 17 on his property, Pugzee Farm, in western Massachusetts. He had also built a SEAL Candidate training facility with pool and obstacle course, an exact replica of the one in Coronado, CA. Duly certified by Naval Special Warfare Command.

I had the distinct honor of delivering the Memorial Address to the families and attendees on September 17, 2016

Extortion 17 was the single largest day loss in Special Operations history. 

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