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This is our archive page to honor our civic minded veterans who, even after taking off the uniform, continued defending and protecting our U. S. Constitution through their patriotic efforts.  

If you have someone you would like to honor for their military service contact Joseph Cofield.

A special thank you to

Ruth “Annie” MacLean

Who continued serving her country as she served as Regent Big Cypress Chapter NSDAR May 2017-May 2019 and lead the group in honoring Constitution For The People with an annual donation of $500 for student booklets! Thank you!

Capt. Ruth Ann McGarity

Graduated from Marquette University College of Nursing 1980; 

Joined US Air Force 1981

Served at Offutt AF Base in Nebraska

Edwards AF Base in California 

Clark AF Base as a Flight Nurse in The Philippines

MacDill AF Base in Florida.

Continued to serve the medical field at Naples Community Hospital

Joined the DAR, served as Regent using leadership role to promote and support the U. S.  Constitution.

First Sergeant  Joseph Cofield

Age 36

First Sergeant  Joseph Cofield

21 years as a career Non-Commissioned Officer in the U. S. Army

Earned higher education degrees in both business and education

15 years teaching social studies 

Earned eight prestigious awards for teaching and service

Served in 12 different educational and service organizations

Became a James Madison Fellow in 2007

Attended Georgetown University in 2009 to complete the James Madison Fellowship requirements; where his passion for teaching the U. S. Constitution was ignited, and he knew he had to do more when he left there.

Established The 27-67 Constitution Project (2014), The Constitution Project, Inc (2016) and Constitution For The People, Inc a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization (2018)


Independence Day Generous Sponsors


              Generous Sponsors                                    In Honor Of

1. Christopher Pritchard                          1 box              All Veterans

2.  Joyce Reitz                                            1 box              Jennings Reitz - U. S. Navy

3.  Christopher Bent                                  2 boxes           United States Navy Seals

                                                                                            United States Nav

4.  Dr. Robert J. Safransky                       1 box              United States Army

5.  Joseph Cofield                                      2 boxes           Joseph “Barney” Lipp - Vietnam 

                                                                                                     Veteran & Honor Flight Veterans

6.  Laura Sullivan                                      1 box               Veterans

7.  Big Cypress DAR Chapter, NSDAR   2 boxes            Veterans


      Flag Day Generous Sponsors

Generous Sponsors                                                 In Honor Of

1. Christus Victor Lutheran Church        4 boxes          Colonel J. Howard Laughner - Army

2.  Michael Cofield and Family                 1 box             Dad - Leroy Cofield and all Veterans

3.  Rotary Club of Naples Bay                   4 boxes         Colonel Tom Sawyer and

                                                                                            Veterans from the Rotary Clubs

4.  Immokalee Foundation                        4 boxes           All Veterans on the Police Forces

5.  Convoy of Hope                                    4 boxes           Happy Birthday U. S. Army 

                                                                                            All Veterans    

6.  Joseph Cofield                                 4 boxes        Msgt. Joseph Cofield II - Air Force

                                                                                    Major Jaclyn Cofield - Air Force

                                                                                    Happy Birthday U. S. Army

                                                                                     All Veterans

 7.  Maria Eugenia Blanco                    2 boxes       U. S. Armed Forces

                                                                                    All Veterans

8.  Pamela Collins                                  7 boxes      United States Army


                                                                                   Gold Star Mothers


Memorial Day Generous Sponsors


Generous Sponsors                                       In Honor Of

1.  Joseph Cofield                                      2 boxes            Rick Chancey - Navy

2.  Randy Bartlett - Navy.                         1 box               Elmina Evans  - WASP

3.  Margit Cofield                                 1 box            All Veterans

4.  Rosa Privott                                     1 box            Rad Weaver - Civil Patrol

5.  Linda Hanson                                  1 box            Dick Hanson - Army 

6.  Broward County Regents 

     Council Chapter NSDAR               6 boxes        6 Vietnam Veterans

7. Northside Naples Kiwanis               3 boxes       Jeanette Igoe - WAC

                                                                                   Joseph Zaks - Air Force /
                                                                                   MSgt Brony W. Zaks - Air Force

                                                                                   Andy Ski - Bronze Star

8.  Susan Conner                                   1 box          Murray A. Boutilier - Army

9.  Terri Palmer                                     1 box          Thomas Palmer - Air Force

10. Coach Christopher Uzzi                 3 boxes       Three Veterans - Army

11. Terri Ballo                                        1 box          Her Dad, Louis Barone - Army

12. Barbara Wilson                               1 box         Al Schmid - Navy Cross, Marine

13.  Judy & Phil Crangi                        4 boxes      Joseph C. Caruthers, Sr. - Navy

                                                                                   Joseph C. Caruthers, Jr. - Coast Guard

                                                                                   Samuel Benjamin Caruthers - Navy

                                                                                    John Cotton - Navy

14.  Janet Caruthers                            1 box            Joseph Cofield - Army

15.  Judy Crangi                                   1 box             LTC Lisa Black - Army

16.  Earl Bond                                        1 box            Golden Thirteen Navy

                                                                                     Dorie Miller  - Navy Cross - Navy

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